Ten – Hold On Tight!


Abigail wasn’t comfortable. Her hidey hole behind the jigsaw had felt warm and safe when she’d lived in the shop.  But with a tiger and a polar in with her too, it was very hot and crowded. A large paw hit her in the back. 

‘Grigs keep still,’ she said grumpily, trying to edge away and bumping her head on the pipe running along the wall.  ‘Ow!’

‘I am still,’ the tiger mumbled.

‘No you’re not, you’re bouncing.’

Grigs opened one eye. ‘Tigers always bounce when they’re sleeping.’

‘Tigers don’t bounce at all!’ hissed Patrick, ‘I can’t believe how many times I’ve told you that, and your tails hanging out over the edge again, you’re going to fall off.’

Pulling in his tail the tiger bounced again and the jigsaw wobbled.  Grabbing at it, Abigail held on hard. ‘I don’t think we all fit in here, it’s not very comfy and you’re being very loud.’

Patrick shook his head. ‘Well if you hadn’t lost the key we wouldn’t be up here.’

‘I didn’t lose it,’ shouted Abigail, ‘I put it somewhere safe. And I didn’t close the door!’

The night seemed to last forever. Only Grigs seemed to sleep, breathing deeply with a loud snore that went on and on and sounded like “grrrr grr grr grr grr….’ Abigail fidgeted from side to side and every now and then pulled one of his ears hard, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Finally, the shop window began to glimmer with a faint light.

‘Time to get up,’ said Patrick, getting stiffly to his paws. ‘Come on let’s all climb down.’

Yawning, Grigs raised his head. ‘Already? I didn’t sleep at all.’

‘You’ve been snoring,’ said Abigail pushing past him. ‘You’ve kept me awake all night.’ Clambering round the jigsaw she climbed down the shelves.  Jumping down onto the floor she glanced back up.  

The tiger was looking down doubtfully.  ‘It’s a long way…’

A small white paw appeared behind him and pushed hard.

‘Whooaaa coming down…!’

Abigail jumped out of the way, as paws waving wildly, Grigs bounced onto the floor.  Rolling over he somersaulted across the aisle and into a pile of plastic jars.  There was a crunching noise and sitting up he shook himself hard.  The air filled with little green sparkles. ‘Now you’ve broken a jar of glitter,’ said Abigail crossly, backing further away. ‘It’s all over your fur.’ The tiger sneezed.

‘Just come on, we haven’t got time for this,’ said Patrick.  ‘The owner will be here soon and we need to be ready to get out of the door.’

‘Can I get a sandwich?’ asked Abigail hopefully, looking towards the cafe.

‘No!’ said Patrick. ‘Now come on!’


The Furrari was parked at the front of the shop, and they all clambered on. Abigail licked her lips, she felt a fluttering in her tummy, what if the car wouldn’t start. She handed her bag of marbles to Patrick. Outside there was a noise. Then a loud click of a key in the lock.

‘Ready, steady….. now!’ As the door opened, Abigail pushed down on the controller hard and the Furrari shot forward.  

Tucked in front between her paws Patrick let out a squawk.  ‘Look out! There’s a step!’

Aiming between the shop owners legs Abigail swerved around the edge of the door.  As the cars wheel hit the edge it shot upwards.  ‘Hold on!’ she shouted.  

Staring down in shock, the shop owner leapt aside as a small red sports car, carrying a blonde bear, a polar and a tiger covered in green glitter sailed past her up into the air and then down towards the pavement outside.

‘The moneys on your desk,’ shouted the polar waving back at her, ‘don’t worry it’s all there.’

‘Whooooaaaa…’ shouted Abigail, ‘watch out we’re going to land!’ With a loud bang the Furrari hit the ground.  All three of them bounced up into the air.  Grabbing wildly at the front of the car, Abigail held tightly onto the controller.  Behind her Grigs hung on by the very ends of his paws and his tail.  Patrick’s scarf was wrapped over his eyes and he slipped down over the side.

‘I can’t see,’ he wailed, ‘what’s happening?

‘Pull him in,’ shouted Abigail, ‘I’m going to accelerate!’

Waving his paw around wildly Grigs caught the end of Patrick’s scarf and pulled him back in, pushing him down hard behind Abigail. 

‘Ow that hurt, and I’m all dizzy.  You did that deliberately and now I’ve got glitter all over me.’  Struggling up crossly, Patrick pushed his scarf aside and climbed around Abigails paws.  ‘Let me back in front, you don’t know where we’re going and don’t go so fast.’  Narrowing her eyes, Abigail speeded up.

It was only just light as they shot along the pavement. 

‘Turn left here,’ shouted Patrick, ‘then go right.’  A car drove down the road towards them and braked suddenly.  ‘Keep going,’ hissed Polar, ‘quick down here.’  Abigail pushed the controller over and the Furrari swung around the corner.  The wind blew the fur back from her face. ‘Left!’ said Patrick, holding onto his scarf, ‘then keep straight on.’  A stream of green glitter floated into the air behind them.  A line of leafy hedges approached that Abigail thought she recognised.  ‘There!’ shouted the polar. There was the sound of a car at the end of the road.  In panic Abigail pulled on the controller and the car turned in, shooting through the hedge.

’Look out!’ They all ducked as a wall of green leaves hit them in the face.  Bouncing through, the Furrari skidded along the path and hit the front door with a bang!  It all went quiet.

’We’re here,’ said Abigail, clambering off the car unsteadily.

’Really,’ said Patrick, pulling pieces of leaves from his fur, ‘I never would have guessed.’

’Owww,’ said Grigs faintly, lying on his back with his paws in the air.  ‘Owww….Have we stopped?’

Patrick was already scampering up the path. ‘Come on, leave the car under the hedge for now, let’s get in before someone sees us.’ As they ran through the door, he leant back with a sigh and closed it firmly behind them. ‘Thank goodness we’re back. That’s quite enough adventure for a while.’ On the mat was a small white envelope and leaning down he picked it up. ‘Someone’s written to me.’

Abigail peered over his shoulder curiously. ‘What does it say?’ She was a little bit jealous that Patrick had got a letter and shaking herself hard she scattered pieces of green leaves and glitter all over the floor.  Unfolding a piece of white paper, Patrick stared at it hard. He went very quiet. 

‘What does it say,’ asked Abigail again. 

Glancing up at them, the Polar rubbed his eyes with his paw. They were covered with green glitter and he sighed.  ‘Just when I thought we could have a nice quiet rest. My cousin Preston is coming to visit…’

Author: Abigail

I am a resourceful small blonde bear, with curly soft fur. I have big plans, join me.