All About Abigail and Friends

These are the tales of a small blonde bear… Currently living quietly but with a big heart and big plans. Follow Abigail and her adventures by signing up to her blog. Abigail would really love some new friends…


I am a very resourceful small blonde bear with soft curly fur that needs frequent brushing. I like nothing more than to explore and would like to meet a lot of new friends.


I am a rather small white polar bear, with a very fetching blue scarf. I am extremely clever and know almost anything. I hate being hot and often sit in the fridge or in a handy ice bucket to cool down.


I am a big brown stripy tiger and I am very good at bouncing. Everyone knows that tigers bounce even if that polar bear says they don’t. I am also very fierce and helpful.

More of Abigail’s friends will be joining shortly… keep in touch with Abigail for all her tales!